COMP 23: Introduction to Game Development, Fall 2015

The One Button Game

This assignment with worth 10 points, to be done individually.


Unfortunately in this economy, no employee is indispensable at WageSlaveGames, Inc. The sole premise of WageSlaveGames, Inc. is to create simple and addicting games for people who love to play computer/video games, but simply do not have the time and money to do so. The CEO of WageSlaveGames, I.M. Picky need to layoff 75% of the company to make the company more lean and profitable. To achieve this, he is putting every game designer's job on the line. How? Every game designer has to design the next big game: a one-button game. The best design wins.

You, one of the hapless souls of WageSlaveGames, Inc., have to develop this one button game. This game is to be played on a television screen. The console is a small box 3.9" (l) x 3.9" (w) x 0.91" (h) with an HDMI connector, and has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The only constraint to this game is the controller: it has one button 3" (l) x 3" (w) x 2" (h) built on the console box (in other words, think of the Staples "Easy Button" toy). No control pad, no voice control, no camera, no touch gesture or multi-touch (duh!), no accelerometer allowed. Oh, and no in-game ads.


In no more than 3 pages typed, in memorandum format addressed to CEO I.M. Picky, write a design document for this one-button game. Your document must contain the following sections and information:

This document must be handed in to CEO I.M. Picky by Tuesday, September 15th in class, or else you will lose your job!

Submitting the Assignment

Hand in your memo class. No electronic submissions allowed.