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Team-based projects to design, build, and present a working medical device prototype. Devices are constructed using Android, iOS, and Arduino based components, using appropriate software for designated functionality and user-interface requirements. Project specification with imposed requirements and constraints, sensor/data acquisition, software architecture, hardware integration, working prototype demonstration, final presentation, and project report are course assignments


This course is structured to have the students implement their own design solution to a course challenge to build a mobile medical device. The device acquires data via sensors, converts the signal to digital form for evaluation and display by the software algorithms. Knowledge and utilization of the engineering method, customer requirements to define scope of work, risk analysis, design specification, test and acceptance plans, oral, written, and working prototype presentations to demonstrate student analysis, design, and team collaboration skills. Ethics and societal impact as it relates to medical device design is discussed. Guest lecturers from practitioners in the field are expected twice during the semester to discuss relevant topics and related experiences.

This is elective course offered jointly by Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering. Students are required to prepare project proposals for a course defined project consisting of Arduino and mobile device app, project plans, perform a system engineering analysis, and present a working prototype at the end of the semester


Class Time and Location


Syllabus and Lectures

  Monday Lab Tuesday Thursday Deliverables
Week 1     (January 21st)  
Week 2 (January 25th) Q&A on Project 1 (January 26th) Architecture and Model-View-Controller (MVC); Swift and iOS SDK (January 28th) Fuzzy Front End and Customer Requirements  
Week 3 (February 1st) Student Presentations (Project 1) (February 2nd) Asynchronous, Concurrency, Networking, Wi-Fi, and JSON (February 4th) Class at 574 Boston Avenue Room 202. Guest Speaker: Bradley Moore, Tufts School of Public Health; Occupational Therepy Class Visit, Project 2 Kick-Off Project Overview
  • Project 1 Problem Statement
  • Project 1 Customer Requirements
Week 4 (February 8th) Software and Hardware Design Review (February 9th) iOS SDK (February 11th) Student Presentations (Project 1)
  • Project 1 Block Diagram of Major Modules
  • Project 1 Task List: Task, Duration, Deliverable, Responsibilities
Week 5 (February 15th) NO CLASS (February 16th) Safety of Medical Devices, FDA. Guest Speaker: Katie Pacheco, Regulatory Affairs at Philips Medical (February 18th) NO CLASS (Thursday is a Monday)  
Week 6 (February 22nd)   (February 23rd) Project 1 Demonstration (February 25th) Class at 574 Boston Avenue Room 202. Project 2 Customer Requirements and Occupational Therepy Class Visit Project 1 Demonstration
Week 7 (February 29th) Q&A on Project 2 (March 1st) Accelerometers, Gyro, Kalman (phone sensors not sufficient) (March 3rd) Student Presentations: Project Proposals
  • Project 2 Problem Statement
  • Project 2 Customer Requirements
Week 8 (March 7th) (March 8th) Privacy and Medical Ethics (March 10th) Security and Privacy of Medical Devices
  • Project 2 Block Diagram of Major Modules
  • Project 2 Task List: Task, Duration, Deliverable, Who's Responsible
Week 9 (March 14th) (March 15th) Finance of Healthcare. Guest Speaker: Al Danis (March 17th) Student Presentations: Hardware and Software Design Project 2 Status Update
Week 10 (March 28th) Hardware and Software Design Review (March 29th)   (March 31st) Student Presentations User Interface Demo of Major Functionality
Week 11 (April 4th) (April 5th) Technology Adoption (April 7th)    
Week 12 (April 11th) (April 12th) Class at 574 Boston Avenue Room 202. Project 2 Demo, Occupational Therepy Class Visit (April 14th) Student Presentations Wi-Fi Data Transfer Demonstration
Week 13 (April 18th) (April 19th) Student Presentations (April 21st) Student Presentations Project Process Review
Week 14 (April 25th) (April 26th) Student Presentations (April 28th) Student Presentations Market Report, Roll Out
(Monday, May 9th) Final Presentations in Halligan 102, 7 - 9 PM