Web Engineering

Final Project. Due: Last Week of Class: April 18th, 20th, and 25th


We have encountered many traditional problems, difficult challenges, with building web applications including performance, scalability, session handling, caching, and data persistence. For this final project in this class, your team is to delve deep into a challenge in web engineering and add on to your existing product we've been working on all semester. Your team is not building something from scratch!

List of Some Challenges in Web Engineering


1. Project Proposal (Due on Friday, March 31st online on Piazza --respond to the "Official Final Project Thread" thread). A short paragraph that addresses the problem your team are trying to solve and why your team chose this project. Think of this an elevator pitch. The reasons why we're going to do the project proposal online: (1) so we can all provide feedback, (2) hopefully we will see many different final projects, thus it may detract other teams from doing the same thing.

2. Presentation: Your team's presentation must address:

3. Prototype: The (updated) code, the output, that supports your presentation.

Project Ideas

Engineering Resources For Ideas


Your final project will be assessed by others in the class on the following factors:

  1. Technical Competency - Does your team understand the challenge area well, and can your team explain it to others?
  2. Functionality of Prototype - Does the prototype illustrate the challenge area and provide a solution?
  3. Complexity - The harder the challenge, the better.
  4. Usefulness - Is this engineering challenge something that users and companies can relate to?