COMP 20: Web Programming

Tufts University Department of Computer Science, Spring 2019

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Teaching Assistants and Office Hours

The official list of TAs and office hours is on Piazza. Hours are good until the last day of classes, Thursday, April 25th.

Class Time and Location



Software Downloads


Class participation encompasses a variety of activities, all with the same purpose. To earn high grades for class participation, you must show that you are actively engaged in managing your own learning, developing new skills, and developing new ways of programming and problem-solving. You can be engaged in a variety of ways:

Nobody has to do all of these things; you can earn top grades for class participation by doing just a few things well. In particular, nobody is required to speak in class, but everybody should be prepared to answer questions if called upon.

Professional interactions with other students and with course staff are the same as those which are expected in any workplace. It is also professional for you to recognize that a member of the course staff may be present but not actually available to talk about COMP 20.


Schedule is subject to change.

Examples for this class are available at

My scripted class notes are available at

Date Agenda Deliverables
Thursday, January 17th
Tuesday, January 22nd
Thursday, January 24th
Tuesday, January 29th  
Thursday, January 31st
Tuesday, February 5th  
Thursday, February 7th
Tuesday, February 12th  
Thursday, February 14th
Tuesday, February 19th  
Tuesday, February 26th
  • Quiz 1
Thursday, February 28th
Tuesday, March 5th  
Thursday, March 7th  
Tuesday, March 12th  
Thursday, March 14th  
Tuesday, March 26th  
Thursday, March 28th
  • Quiz 2
Tuesday, April 2nd  
Thursday, April 4th  
Tuesday, April 9th  
Thursday, April 11th
Tuesday, April 16th Looking Ahead and What's the Point?  
Thursday, April 18th
Tuesday, April 23rd Technical Competency Day and Lightning Talks  
Thursday, April 25th Conclusion  
Tuesday, April 30th Semester Group Project Demo Day, 12 - 2 PM, at 51 Winthrop Street

Course Policies

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

If you have a disability that requires reasonable accommodations, please contact the Student Accessibility Services office at or 617-627-4539 to make an appointment with an SAS representative to determine appropriate accommodations. Please be aware that accommodations cannot be enacted retroactively, making timeliness a critical aspect for their provision. Please note that accommodation letters will no longer be on Trunk. Rather it is your responsibility to hand deliver them to me. For more details, see

Electronic Devices

Laptops or mobile devices are not allowed to be used in class unless specified. Phones must be silent. You are allowed to politely step outside of the class to take phone calls (e.g., for emergencies, job offers).

Late Policy

A lab is due one week from the day it is assigned at 11:59 PM.

A lab or assignment that is submitted electronically will typically be due at 11:59 PM. We will grant an automatic extension of 24 hours to you at no cost (i.e., grace period). Labs or assignments submitted after the grace period will not be accepted.

An assignment is expected to be submitted on time. However, we recognize that the exigencies of college life occasionally interfere with on-time submission. If you have difficulty getting the assignment in on time, you have two options:

  1. For ordinary difficulties, each student is automatically issued three (3) "extension tokens." By expending an extension token, you can get an automatic 24-hour extension on all deadlines associated with a single assignment. To use an extension token, you must e-mail me at Thus must be sent before the assignment is due and not during the grace period. At most two extension tokens may be expended on any single assignment. When you are out of tokens, late assignments will no longer be accepted: it will be returned ungraded, and you will receive no credit for the work.
  2. If a serious illness affects your ability to complete the assignment on time, your first step is to report the illness using the "Illness Notification Form" that is available in WebCenter for Students. We will make suitable arrangements. For extraordinary difficulties, such as bereavement, family emergencies, or other extraordinary unpleasant events, your first step should be to make contact with your associate dean for undergraduate education. You must take this step before the assignment is due. Ask your dean to drop me an email or give me a call, and we will make special arrangements that are suited to your circumstances.

Please understand that extension tokens are meant to be used. That is, you will not receive any special bonus at the end of the course if you do not use any of your extension tokens.

Solutions to Labs, Assignments and Examinations

Some solutions to labs, assignments, and examinations may be posted on Piazza.