COMP 23: Introduction to Game Development, Fall 2015

Game Project 1: 2D Game Using HTML5, JavaScript, and Phaser

This project is worth 17% of your overall grade.


The web is a thriving ecosystem for games thanks to platforms like Flash, Silverlight, and more recently, the HTML5. Developers can produce consistent experiences that work on any modern browser, without needing to consider the divergence between operating systems, hardware, and other user-specific concerns. As such, our first group project will be to use Phaser to produce a game that runs using HTML5.

Teams and Games

Please provide feedback on games at

Team 1: Bowels of Dowling

Team 2: Reaper

Team 3: Scarlett's Sheep Saga

Team 4: Ancient Earth

Team 5: Jump Ship

Team 6: Project Lazarus

Team 7:

Team 8: BitShift

Team 9: Project Raze

Team 10: Last Contact

Team 11: Orb

Team 12: Shooter Blaster

Team 13: No Survivors


We expect every student in this class to:


Additionally, your game must use two of the following:


  1. Proposal, Due Thursday, September 17: This must be handed in on paper in class, one-page maximum typed.
  2. Game Design Document, Due Tuesday, September 22nd: Very similar to the format of the One Button Game Design Document (GDD) but with no length restriction and with no business case.
  3. Alpha Demo, Due Thursday, October 8th: We expect that each team has "something tangible to show for." It is acceptable for this demo is bug-prone.
  4. Polished Project 1 Game, Due Tuesday, October 20th: The polished version of your team's first game in this class.

Intellectual Property

All works and ideas are owned by the members of the team. We cannot take ownership of any of your work. We do not have stake or equity in any project created in my classes for that matter.


Your game will be assessment on five factors: