This course emphasizes developing apps for musicians on the iPad. The course will culminate in a project where students demonstrate their abilities through developing production-ready apps in small teams. The class will start with the iOS SDK. Music theory and music notation will also be emphasized early in the course. Students will learn how to access microphone data and low-level audio features, render 2D drawings and graphics, handle gestures, use networking, and perform concurrency properly.


Class Time and Location


  1. COMP 40: Machine Structure and Assembly-Language Programming
  2. Music literacy by satisfying one of the following:
    • AP Music Theory
    • MUSIC 10, 11, 64
    • Permission of instructors


All examples are available on GitHub. See https://github.com/tuftsdev/MusicAppsOnTheIpad/tree/gh-pages/examples

Syllabus and Lectures

  Tuesday Thursday Deliverables
Week 1   (Thursday, January 15th)  
Week 2 (Tuesday, January 20th) Pure Data (Thursday, January 22nd) Lab  
Week 3 (Tuesday, January 27th) NO CLASS (BLIZZARD) (Thursday, January 29th) Presentations: Design with User Interface Mockups  
Week 4 (Tuesday, February 3rd) (Thursday, February 5th)  
Week 5 (Tuesday, February 10th) NO CLASS (SNOW) (Thursday, February 12th)  
Week 6 (Tuesday, February 17th) Synthesis    
Week 7 (Tuesday, February 24th) DSP Topics for Project 1 (Thursday, February 26th) Synthesizer in Pure Data & LibPd; Lab  
Week 8 (Tuesday, March 3rd) Workshop (Thursday, March 5th) Presentations: Project 1 Project 1 due on Thursday, March 5th
Week 9 (Tuesday, March 10th) (Thursday, March 12th) Presentations Project 2 Project Proposal Elevator Pitch
Week 10 (Tuesday, March 24th) (Thursday, March 26th) Presentations Project 2 Design Presentation
Week 11 (Tuesday, March 31st)
  1. Chris and Connor
  2. Maya, Will, and Michael
  3. Brendan and Ruben
(Thursday, April 2nd) Presentations Project 2 User Interface Presentation
Week 12 (Tuesday, April 7th) Presentations
  1. Arthur, Laura, Joe
  2. Stephanie, Eli, Brett
(Thursday, April 9th) Presentations
  1. Dan, McCall, Tom
  2. Justin, Ryan, Sam
  3. Margaret, Jacob, Andrew
Week 13 (Tuesday, April 14th) Workshop Day (Thursday, April 16th) Presentations Project 2 Alpha Demo
Week 14 (Tuesday, April 21st) (Thursday, April 23rd)  
Addendum (Tuesday, April 28th) Final App Demo Day in Granoff Room 155