COMP 23: Introduction to Game Development

Tufts University Department of Computer Science, Fall 2015


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Date Agenda Deliverables
Tuesday, September 8th Course Introduction
Thursday, September 10th
Tuesday, September 15th
  • Project 1 Assigned
  • Teams
  • Career Panel Hosted by Tufts CS from 7:30 - 9 PM in Cabot Auditorium. You will receive 2 points for attending this event. Attendance will be taken.
Thursday, September 17th To Do Before Next Class: Complete the Phaser tutorial at Come to the next class with questions to ask. Please complete it in a git repository using the skills we've discussed in class, post this git repository on github, and send us a link via email (
Tuesday, September 22nd
  • JavaScript
  • Q: Why Not Python and PyGame and Why Not Unity (for now)?
Thursday, September 24th Lab Due 10/1
Tuesday, September 29th Work Day
  • Tufts Career Fair on Wednesday, September 30th from 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM at Gantcher
  • Tufts CS Reverse Career Fair on Wednesday, September 30th from 2:45 - 4 PM in Halligan 102
Thursday, October 1st Sprites, Animation, Physics  
Tuesday, October 6th Unity  
Thursday, October 8th Project 1 Demo  
Tuesday, October 13th    
Thursday, October 15th    
Tuesday, October 20th Project 1 Due  
Thursday, October 22nd  
  • Tufts Hackathon: Friday, October 23rd - Saturday, October 24th
Tuesday, October 27th
  • Feedback on Game Project 1
  • Game Testing
  • Personal Engagement Projects
Project 2 Assigned
Thursday, October 29th    
Tuesday, November 3rd    
Thursday, November 5th    
Thursday, November 12th    
Tuesday, November 17th IEEE Security & Privacy Securing Online Games Readings. Due on Tuesday, November 24th in class
Thursday, November 19th    
Tuesday, November 24th    
Tuesday, December 1st    
Thursday, December 3rd    
Tuesday, December 8th    
Thursday, December 10th    


Course Policies

Assignment Late Policy

Assignments (labs, homework) that is submitted electronically (most homework) are due at 11:59 PM on a Tuesday or Thursday. We will grant an automatic extension of ten minutes at no cost to you. If you plan on submitting your work at midnight or at six, you will have nine minutes for last-minute changes.

An assignment is expected to be submitted on time. However, we recognize that the exigencies of college life occasionally interfere with on-time submission. If you have difficulty getting the assignment in on time, you have two options:

  1. For ordinary difficulties, each student is automatically issued three (3) "extension tokens." By expending an extension token, you can get an automatic 24-hour extension on all deadlines associated with a single assignment. To use an extension token, you must e-mail me at Thus must be sent before the assignment is due. At most two extension tokens may be expended on any single assignment. When you are out of tokens, late assignments will no longer be accepted: it will be returned ungraded, and you will receive no credit for the work.
  2. If a serious illness affects your ability to complete the assignment on time, your first step is to report the illness using the "Illness Notification Form" that is available in WebCenter for Students. We will make suitable arrangements. For extraordinary difficulties, such as bereavement, family emergencies, or other extraordinary unpleasant events, your first step should be to make contact with your associate dean for undergraduate education. You must take this step before the assignment is due. Ask your dean to drop me an email or give me a call, and we will make special arrangements that are suited to your circumstances.

Please understand that extension tokens are meant to be used. That is, you will not receive any special bonus at the end of the course if you do not use any of your extension tokens.


A lab is due one week from the day it is assigned.

Solutions to Assignments and Examinations

Solutions to assignments and examinations will not be posted for this course.